Hidden Brighton

Hidden attractions

Charleston House

  • This is a must see when visiting Brighton. This house offers you tons of history and is a truly fascinating visit.
  • From 1916 the home of 2 British artists Duncan grant and Vanessa Bell. The house was completely changed by the artists who painted walls and furniture, and filled rooms with textiles, ceramics, and works of art from their collection
  • From Wednesday to Saturday entry to the house is guided by a tour guide, and rooms are stewarded on Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays. The café and shop open an hour before the house and garden. Click here for more attractions

Impressive Victorian sewers

  • To keep their waste out of their own backyards,  the residents of this town built a huge 7 mile long sewer that is still used to this day
  • The creator was Sir John Hawkshaw who designed this amazing great seven mile long brick-lined sewer to transport the sewage to from the town to Portobello.
  • And yes you’ve guessed it, this raw sewage was pumped into the sea there, but at least it wasn’t being thrown onto Brighton Beach.

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Our tourist leaflets

Each week we provide a printed leaflet which tells you all the greatest places to go to within Brighton including, shops, restaurants, attractions etc. Our  leaflets has been gaining in popularity so we approached a local printing company called Prontaprint. They based in Hove and cover all areas of Brighton and offer the full range of brochures, booklets and flyers.

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